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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  March 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> take a good look at this sketch. tonight, police in hayward say this man is on a mission to kidnap teenage girls. good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> i'm ann notarangelo. investigators say the man tried to force one girl in his car at gunpoint yesterday. two other girls say something similar happened to them. mark kelly shows us the sudden rash of attacks has the community on edge tonight. >> reporter: friday afternoon, hayward high school lets out. police say as the 16-year-old victim walked home, the kidnapper pounced. >> suspect got out of the car an pulled her into the car with
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him. >> reporter: lieutenant jeff s snell says the man had a gun. >> she was able to get away on foot. the suspect fled the area in his vehicle. >> reporter: the first of a string of attempted kidnaps happened here nearly a month ago. the victim then also a teenage girl. >> so we are certainly investigating the possibility they are connected. >> reporter: in the first two attacks, victims described a 20 something-year-old man around five foot seven weighing 150 pounds and driving a door cars. the girls got away. >> someone around trying to harm our children. >> reporter: dionisia is a psychologist at several hayward schools and here is the girl's fears firsthand. >> they have very much afraid of what is going on in their community here. >> reporter: there are more cops patrolling the schools an educating school staff about kidnappings. >> we have been very blessed that all three victims have been able to get away from this
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attacker. >> reporter: but another victim might not be so lucky. in hayward, mark kelly, kpix5. >> here is one more look at the latest sketch from hayward police. the attacker is described as five feet six inches tall with dark hair last seen with a gray hoody with the letter a on the front. the search is on for a shooter on 580. police say the car hit just kept going. officers found it about two miles away at 55th and princeton. the driver is in the hospital with a gunshot wound to the back. his car was hit eight times. around the same time, a deadly shooting at san francisco's cropper amazon playground. police were called to geneva and moscow and found a man who had been shot who died at the hospital. police are looking for two men seen leaving the area. a two alarm grease fire
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forced shoppers out of a san leandro wal-mart. it started at 7:30 in the mcdonalds kitchen on davis street. alameda firefighters had everything under control in half an hour. they released this video of a mop up inside the store. a lot of smoke and water damage but nothing major and nobody was hurt. the lights went out at major landmarks across the bay area tonight. the brief blackout was part of a global effort to raise awareness about climate change. kpix5's christian hartnett is at girradelli square. >> reporter: the well known sign right above us disappeared for an hour toe night. one of the many spots around san francisco and the world that shut their power off. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: the event is called earth hour. at 8:30, more than 7,000 cities all across the globe
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participated by shutting off lights for one hour in an effort to raise awareness about climate change and encourage energy efficiency. lights to the bay bridge and the golden gate bridge also went out as well as coit tower lights were dimmed as passer by looked on. >> climate change has been the topic for the last decade. i think it is a great event. >> it is certainly a fantastic endeavor and something we should all try to do. >> reporter: the worldwide event had a lot of help from a san francisco based company called cotap. cotap is a mobile messages service and it formed a partnership with the earth hour founders helping the thousands of volunteers across the globe coordinate events and post video and pictures to their mobile apps. >> folks are using it all across the globe. we are seeing photos and videos the last 24 hours from parts of australia, asia. it is really cool to see all the support they got across the
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globe. >> reporter: and all across the globe, other areas turned off their lights. in paris, the eiffel tower turned theirs off only for about five minutes due to safety reasons but it was a symbolic gesture in support of the cause. paris is planning an international climate conference to fight climate change. live in san francisco, christian hartnett, kpix5. opposition is mounting tonight against the religious freedom restoration act just signed into law in indiana. >> no hate in our state! >> hundreds marched through the streets of indianapolis to protest the law. they worried it could give businesses the right to refuse services to gays and lesbians on religious grounds. many people we spoke to today in san francisco had the same worries about that law. and a similar bill now sitting on the governor's desk in arkansas. >> it does seem like a slippery slope. because you can use that law to
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discriminate against all kinds of people. >> it is sad to hear there are other states like arkansas in the same situation and possibly about to sign the same type of bill. >> many prominent bay area business leaders including apple ceo tim cook is taking to social media to voice their disapproval. they say apple is open for everybody and we are deeply disappointed in indiana's new law. ceo tweeted we are canceling programs that require our customers and employees the travel to indiana to face discrimination. two people badly hurt in a commuter train in los angeles are still in the hospital tonight. about 20 others suffered minor injuries when the train struck a car near the usc campus and partially derailed. the operator of the train was seriously hurt and so was the driver of the car. rescuers had to cut him free. he is in grave condition tonight. as for what happened ... >> from witness accounts what is your occupation we have is
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both the train and the vehicle were traveling eastbound. there was an improper turn that occurred. the vehicle got wedged in between the poll and the train dislodged. >> metro rail officials say the accident was the car driver's fault because he turned in front of the train. some major weekend disruption to bart service is on the horizon. starting a week from tomorrow, they will close the line between the fruitvale and the coliseum stations the entire day for track word. workers will be replacing wooden ties and a worn out switch that allow it is trains to switch tracks and the only way to do the work is shut down the line. they plan to do this a dozen times through august. >> we schedule these work periods to place place so they don't convict can as home games. the warriors are a different matter because they are about to enter the playoffs and the schedule is not set. so what we will do is wait until the nba comes out with the playoff schedule and adjust
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our schedule. >> bart will add a free bus bridge between the two stations while the work is going on. tonight, an update on the 12 people who took part in a kidney transplant chain in san francisco. carter evans was there when the recipients met their donors. >> you had a difficult time with illness in your family. >> yes. my son had cancer. diagnosed at 17, and passed away at 21. and my husband also has cancer and his illness was very short. five weeks. before he was gone. >> reporter: after their deaths, she decided to donate one of her kidneys to give another family a second chance. [ applause ] her gift led to the medical chain reaction that ultimately helped six people get a new kidney. this week, they got to meet the strangers who saved their lives. the emotional introduction at the hospital shows the power of the transplant chain. >> the difference between you
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and everyone else in this chain is that you didn't have a loved one who was getting a kidney. >> but they did. i just wanted them to have that quality of life. i want their loved ones to know that they are going to be around. >> reporter: zuly's kidney went to oswaldo, a factory worker whose sister-in-law donated to a dental assistant. her daughter shared with a 60- year-old grandmother whose own daughter gave to mark kim while his sister's kidney helped a 74- year-old designer regain his health. >> we saved overall about 15 or 16 years total on the waiting list when you look at all those people. several of those patients may not have made it that long to get to a transplant on the waiting list. >> how does that feel to be sitting next to the person who saved your life? >> it's amazing. >> reporter: former marine liz torres couldn't donate to her mother miriam. >> what was it like meeting
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this guy today? >> it was something else. i had no idea who i gave it to. he is an amazing guy. >> i will name my kidney corporal. the corporal in the marines. [ laughter ] >> reporter: now mark kim and the others are opening their actions inspire an even bigger transplant chain. a hospital says it is already getting calls. >> thank you. >> reporter: carter evans, san francisco. still ahead, preventing another germanwings disaster without leaving the ground. how the crash is prompting a new push for remote piloted planes. >> and fighting fire with base. the sonics experiment that could change the way we battle forest fires. >> and we are hearing about a warmup in the weather tomorrow. and then, a look ahead at the
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>> it is a treacherous rescue effort in the french alps as crews try to recover remains from the crash. the co-pilot deliberately flew the plane into the mountainside killing 150 people. it will be weeks before all the remains are recovered and released to family.
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we are hearing a chilling statement that andreas lubitz allegedly made to a former girlfriend. she remembers him saying he would "do something and then everyone would know my name." andreas lubitz may have been hiding a medical condition. in his home, police found medicines for a psychological illness and evidence he was being treated for a vision problem. >> since that crash, more airlines are requiring at least two members of the crew in the cockpit at all times. but tom forman shows us it may be possible to control commercial planes from the ground. >> reporter: watch closely. this plane over england has a crew at the controls, passengers in the back, but something extraordinary is about to happen. a pilot on the ground is taking over. >> control. >> proceed. >> i have control. >> you want control? >> reporter: this is the $94
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million astria project by the company bae. one of several companies around the world to build planes that can be flown remotely. >> it is exactly the same as what the pilots would be doing. >> reporter: military success with drones has driven much of the interest and some efforts are focused on airplanes in hazardous conditions such as hurricane research and fighting wild fires. pilotless planes could be a $400 billion a year global business. so why not passenger flights? first, the airline industry has a remarkable safety record despite high profile disasters and on plane pilots remain the best way to handle problems and retro fitting the planes would cost billions of dollars. and some of the passengers may not be ready. >> i start asking how would i
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feel getting into an airliner without pilots up front and i wouldn't do it. >> though some aircraft can already take off and land on their own, remote piloted passenger planes are likely a long way off. a couple of guys diving in a national park near folsom found a drone with its memory card intact. it was taking pictures of a bridge and crashed into the bridge. then it fell into the water below. these pictures were shot eight months ago. the drone has been underwater since then. >> we found lots of things. this is a first. >> basically, it is a 1,200- dollar error into the water. so that was an expensive day. >> the card also has pictures of the drone's owner. he is not likely to be in trouble. though it is illegal no fly drones in the national park, there are no signs so they
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don't usually issue citations. sound, a new way to fight fire. the two seniors at the virginia school say they realized the musical notes work about the same way our breath does when we blow out a candle. the sound waves disrupt the oxygen feeding the flames. they tried it first with high frequencies but then discovered it is all about that bass. they hope the technology can be used to some day help fight forest fires. >> it is kind of a rude sound. you have to agree. >> at first. >> i suppose if it puts out a fire, it is doing a good deed. outside today, we had numbers mostly in the low 80s around the bay area. 83 degrees in spots. high temperatures in the area show 82 in santa rosa. 83 livermore. 78 in san jose. and 76 at fremont. as we look live over the city, the numbers right now as we are trying to get a lock on that
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signal, concord 60 degrees, oakland 54. san francisco, 56. santa rosa, 55. and here is how it looks out the door tomorrow morning. a lot of sunshine to begin sunday. temperatures will range from the low to mid 50s . and in general, high pressure eased up a little bit toward the latter half of the week. then it is begining to build in today. so tomorrow as the high builds in, we get plenty of sunshine. temperatures could come up a notch. then a little low pressure trough knocks a notch out of that high. so the temperatures ease off. we are not going to get any rain out of this. plenty of sunshine and temperatures well above average. in some areas up to 13 degrees above average. four tomorrow. beautiful weather for vern glenn as he takes his son to wrestle mania 31 to levi stadium. lit be sunny and warm. temperatures in the upper 70s . rock and roll half marathon happening in ski tomorrow morning. it will be a cool start, 59
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degrees but mostly clear skies. and here is how it looks in the future cast. a model of the way the atmosphere should look. a few low clouds offshore, but we are making it mostly severely clear for sunday. all right, so to sum it all up, tomorrow will be warm again. maybe a little warmer than it was today. low 80s in the warmest spottings inland. then it will cool down monday and tuesday and wednesday. there is no rain in sight for the bay area. we will be staying dry at least through friday. no spring storms coming our way. overnight lows, upper 40s . low 50s . for tomorrow, look how high above average the numbers are. 16 degrees above average. 13 for san jose. oakland, 16 degrees above average. wow. low 80s for parts of the south bay. 83 at campbell. 80 at los gatos. in the east bay, more low to mid 80s . 84 antioch. pleasanton, 82. 81 livermore. up in the north bay, santa rosa coming in at 81.
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far north bay, clear lake, nice day at the lake. 83 at ukiah. and we will just go sunny side up. from sunday all the way through next weekend, plenty of sun. only a cooling trend setting in on monday. that is a look at the weather. for a look at the sports, here is vern glenn. >> jake wants to see the bella twins and i wonder why. [ laughter ] it is only a floor with a ball and a hoop. a lot of basketball including upset by notre dame. and what happened in the big
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>> nba up top. it's the warriors world and we are just living in itful tonight, a chance for the dubs to go where no warrior team has ever gone before. standing in their way, jason kidd's milwaukee bucks. in the third quarter here, oh t ball movement kicking out klay thompson. and slash. he scores 17 of 21 that quarter and the warriors open a 19- point lead. as for steph curry, scored 25. warriors beat the bucks 108-95 for the franchise record 60th win. number one seed in the western
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conference. >> good milestone. you know. the guys referenced it. but everybody was busy watching the finish to the kentucky notre dame game. >> if you see ashley judd, that is no acting. loves her school. an undefeated kentucky basketball. notre dame had them on the ropes. steve vasturia. aaron harrison with the long three and kentucky is up one. and now nine seconds left. tied at 66-66. brother andrew harrison, he got fouled. maid two free-throws, and the cats are up by two. six seconds left, final chance for the irish. jerian grant. look at the court. slight look at the corner and the cats do have nine lives. they won 68-66 and head to the final four in the last five years. aaron rogers works in wisconsin
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cheering on wisconsin. west region final against arizona. arizona making some noise with hollis-jefferson. cats up three at the break. wisconsin knocked down ten three-balls. ten in the second half. five from that guy sam dekker. he had 27. and the badgers win it 85-778. for the second year in a row, they beat arizona and they advance to the final four. like ground hog day all-star over again as wisconsin for the second straight year headed off to meet kentucky. we have more game including a basketball thriller in berkeley. here's a guy who could end his high school career on the very court his college
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>> nhl, you can repeat this at home. tick, tick, tick. that is time running out for the sharks. six points back of a playoff spot with only seven games to go. patrick marleau and the sharks have not missed the post season since 2003. no stopping claude giroux. he tied the game. this one went to a shoot-out and it was up to bret burns. just give him the puck. now get out of the way. top shelf for the game winner. sharks beat the flyers 3-2. seven-game road trip ends tomorrow in pittsburgh. high school hoops, ivan an
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bishop going against mater dei. off the miss. 19 points. 20 rebounds. could be doing it for arizona. final seconds in regulation. down two. but austin walker drove and made it happen. sent the game to overtime. now the end of the extra period. he fouled less than a second left. he just needed to make one free- throw. oh, airmailed the first one. what about the second one? he hits it. and he beat mater dei. madeline howard all fired up. just picked them clean. the steal and the lay in for helena hill. they closed it out on a 33-10 run and won at six state
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titles. that was the girls. what about coach kennedy's boys? yeah, the boys, did they pull up a suite? five seconds left. sebastian munch forced overtime! an nba range three. this one went to overtime. could they get the same magic? cameron, be a hero. claims off the back of the rim. 71-70. and they celebrate their first ever state title. we
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>> vern, remind me how ann is doing in the ncaa bracket? >> perfect. and tomorrow, you picked duke and louisville? >> she is leading the station. >> see
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